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class MyException extends Exception
       private char detail;

       MyException(char c) 

       public String toString()
              return \"MyException[\"+detail+\"]\";

class MyExc
        static void myfunc(char ch) throws MyException
               System.out.println(\"Called myfunc(\"+ch+\")\");
               if(ch==\'0\' || ch==\'1\' || ch==\'2\' || ch==\'3\' || ch==\'4\' || ch==\'5\'
                   || ch==\'6\' || ch==\'7\' || ch==\'8\' || ch==\'9\')
                      throw new MyException(ch);
                System.out.println(\"Normal Exit...\");

         public static void main(String args[])
                catch(MyException e)
                       System.out.println(\"Caught \"+e);               


Called myfunc(g)
Normal Exit...
Called myfunc(7)
Caught MyException[7]


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