Java Tutorial


Basic Programming

Sort content of an array using Bubble Sort Integer variable on Standard Output Device Example of creating char Array from String obj Logical AND Operator (&) in If Statement Example of using a Static Nested Class Use of Switch Statement Example of Multiple Levels of Inheritance Use of Comparison operator (==) for String Bitwise Operator (^) XOR (Exclusive OR) Change char in StringBuffer obj- reverse content Use of While Loop Declare, initialize, print an array of integers

Standard Libraray Class Methods

Example of extracting subString from a String Use of Nested If-Else Statements Example of using a recursive method in class

Bitwise Operators

Calling Base Class Method from Derived Class Example of arrays of String Bitwise Operator (&) AND StringBuffer,String obj,Basic Types to strbuf obj Switch Statement for different case labels Use of Break Statement


Example of searching String for character Use of If Statement Example of overloading constructors in a class Example of Driving and using a Class Declare, initialize, print 2D array of integers Boolean variable on Standard Output Device Show some properties of StringBuffer object Logical or Boolean Negation i.e. NOT (!) Use of the Continue Statement


Use of some Math Methods Compare Strings by successive corresponding char Operator (>>) Shift Right - sign bit from left Initialization block - initialize data of class Search element in array using Linear Search Increment and Decrement Operators Example of creating string obj from char Array Conditional OR Operator (||) in If Statement Example of using Non-Static Nested Class

Continue/Break Statement

Example using Abstract Class and Abstract Method Compare strings for equality Bitwise Operator (~) Complement Example creating String obj from StringBuffer obj Use of Do-While Loop Copy element of array in another in reverse order Print string on Standard Output Device Example of modifying string objects Conditional AND Operator (&&) in If Statement Example of using user-defined package

Conditional Statements - Logical Operators

Example of Polymorphism Example of concatination of Strings Bitwise Operator (|) OR Example extraction of char from StringBuffer obj Use of For Loop Use of Labeled Break Statement

Extending Classes and Inheritance

Example of searching string for subString Use of If-Else Statement Example of using multiple classes

Input - Output - Variables

Example of Overriding a Base Class Method Declare, initialize and print String object Print on same line using multiple print statement Append StringBuffer by StringBuffer, String obj Conditional (Ternary) Operator - ? : Use of Labeled Continue Statement


Use of some Character Methods Example of getting at characters in a String Operator (>>>) Shift Right - with zeros from left Constructor in class to initialize data member Static Nested Class outside Top-Level Class Declare, initialize, print array of characters Read input from Standard Input Device Declare, initialize, print StringBuffer object Logical OR Operator (|) in If Statement


Example of Copying i.e. Clonning Objects Check start and end of a String Operator (<<) Shift Left - with zero from right Example of creating class and using its object Use of Nested Loop
 public class JAVA_060
    public static void main(String[] args)
       StringBuffer SB=new StringBuffer(\"Many hands make light work\");

       System.out.println(\"StringBuffer : \" + SB);

       System.out.println(\"Character at position 0 is : \" + SB.charAt(0));
       System.out.println(\"Character at position 5 is : \" + SB.charAt(5));
       System.out.println(\"Character at position 10 is : \" + SB.charAt(11));

       char[] cArray=new char[10];


       System.out.println(\"The contents of cArray are : \");

       for(int i=0;i<cArray.length;i++)

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