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 public class JAVA_069

    static double power(double x,int n)
          return (x*power(x,(n-1)));

       else if(n<0)
          return (1.0/power(x,-n));

          return ((n==0)?1.0:x);

    public static void main(String[] args)
       double x=5.0;

       System.out.println(x + \" to the power 4 is \" + power(x,4)); 
       System.out.println(\"7.5 to the power 5 is \" + power(7.5,5)); 
       System.out.println(\"7.5 to the power 0 is \" + power(7.5,0)); 
       System.out.println(\"10 to the power -2 is \" + power(10,-2)); 

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