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class  FileDemo
    static void p(String s){
           System.out.println(s); }

    public static void main(String[] args) 
        File f1 = new File(\"Copyright.txt\"); 
        //If drive name is not specified than it take 
        //default drive where the prog is stored 
        //eg: here e: (e drive) as prog is stored on e:
        //You should mention drive explicitly

        p(\"File Name : \" + f1.getName());
        p(\"Path : \"+f1.getPath());
        p(\"Absoulte Path : \"+f1.getAbsolutePath());
        p(\"Parent : \"+f1.getParent());
        p(f1.exists() ? \"Exists\" : \"Does not Exists\");
        p(f1.canWrite() ? \"is Writable\" : \"is not Writable\");
        p(f1.canRead() ? \"is Readable\" : \"is not Readable\");
        p(f1.isDirectory() ? \"\" : \"is not \" + \"a directory\");
        p(f1.isFile() ? \"is a Normal File\" : \"might me be a named pipe\");
        p(\"File last Modified : \"+ f1.lastModified());
        p(\"File size : \"+f1.length() + \" Bytes\");

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