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import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class LifeCycle extends Applet
      private static int initcall, startcall, paintcall, stopcall, destroycall;

      public void init()

      public void start()

      public void paint(Graphics g)
              g.drawString(\"init Method is called for  : \"+initcall,0,14);
              g.drawString(\"start Method is called for  : \"+startcall,0,30);
              g.drawString(\"paint Method is called for : \"+paintcall,0,46);
              g.drawString(\"stop Method is called for : \"+stopcall,0,62);
              g.drawString(\"destroy Method is called for : \"+destroycall,0,78);
              showStatus(\"Demo of Applet Life Cycle\");

     public void stop()

     public void destroy()

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