Java Tutorial

/* <applet code=\"centerCircle\" height=300 width=300>
   </applet> */

 import java.awt.*;
 import java.applet.*;

 public class centerCircle extends Applet
      public void paint(Graphics g){
           Dimension d = getSize();
           int x = d.width/2;
           int y = d.height/2;
           int radius = (int) ((d.width < d.height) ? 0.4 * d.width : 0.4 * d.height);
           g.fillOval(x-radius, y-radius, 2*radius, 2*radius);
           g.drawString(\"Width   = \"+d.width,10,10);
           g.drawString(\"Height = \"+d.height,10,20);

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