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Data File Structure Programs


Insert, edit, delete, append, display, Srch. Insert, delete, merge, delete multiple occurrences Arrays as a Stack in graphics


Stack operations using array Stack using static memory allocation Stack using dynamic memory allocation Double ended link list as a stack Lnked list as a Stack Infix expr. to Postfix expr. Postfix expr. into an Infix expr. Arrays as a Stack in graphics Stack as an Arithmetic expr. Evaluater Graphical Rep. of Stack Stack to traverse - inodr, postodr, preodr


Queue using static memory allocation Queue using dynamic memory allocation Circular queue Linked list as a Queue Double Ended linked list as a Queue Graphical Rep. of Queue Arrays as a Linear Queue Array as a Circular Queue Arrays as a Linear Queue ( in graphics ) Arrays as a Circular Queue ( in graphics )

Linked List

Singly link list Circular linked list Doubly link list Linked list as a Queue Linked list as a Stack Double Ended linked list as a Queue Double Ended linked list as a Stack Infix to Postfix - Linked List as Stack Circular doubly link list Single Ended Linked List - Sorting in both odr Hashing - double ended Linked List Sort of link list


Linked List as a Binary Srch. Tree Set Class using Binary Srch. Tree Maximum depth of Binary Srch. Tree Minimum Spaning Tree Prims algo - minimum spanning tree Traverse binary tree - inodr, preodr, post Find number in binary Srch. tree display levell


Bubble Sort Selection Sort Insertion Sort Radix Sort Merge Sort Quick Sort Heap Sort Linear Sort Shell Sort Topological Sort


Linear Srch. or Sequential Srch. Binary Search Breadth First Search Traversal Depth First Search Traversal Shortest Path-Given Source-Destination-Dijkstras


Simple implementation of Hashing Hashing using double-ended Linked List Hashing using Mid-Square Method Example of Hashing n term of the fibonacci series using recursion


Factorial of the given number using recursion Mystery of Towers of Hanoi using recursion



 void move(int n,int A,int C,int B)
      cout<<\"\\t Move the upper disc from   Stack-\" <<A<< \"   to   Stack-\"
                                  <<C<< \"\\n\";


 main( )
       clrscr( );

       cout<<\"\\n\\t **************   TOWERS OF HANOI   **************\\n\"<<endl;
       cout<<\" The Mystery of Towers of Hanoi is as follows : \\n\"<<endl;


       cout<<\"\\n\\t *************************************************\\n\"<<endl;

       getch( );
       return 0;

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