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General Programs

Number of days b/w two given dates Capitalize first charcter of every word in string Copy n num of characters from one to another Word is palindrome or not using classes & pointers Simulation of the Solar System Add and Subtract functions on Big Number Class



 //----------------------------  distance  -------------------------------//

 class distance
        int feet;
        float inches;


        distance(int f,float i)

        distance operator *(distance);
        void get_distance();

        void show_distance()
              cout<<feet<<\" f  - \"<<inches<<\"\'\"<<endl;

 //---------------------------  get_distance( )  -------------------------//

 void distance::get_distance()
       cout<<\"\\t Enter the feet = \";

       cout<<\"\\t Enter the inches = \";

 //---------------------------  operator*(distance)  ---------------------//

 distance distance::operator*(distance d_2)
       int f=d_2.feet*feet;

       float i_1=d_2.inches*inches;
       float i_2;
       float i_3;


       return distance(f,i_3);

 //-----------------------------  Main( )  -------------------------------//

 main( )

       distance d_1;
       distance d_2(11, 6.25);
       distance d_3;
       distance d_4;

       cout<<\"\\n Value of d_1 : \"<<endl;


       cout<<\"\\n Value of d_1 = \";

       cout<<\"\\n Value of d_2 = \";

       cout<<\"\\n Value of d_3 = \";

       cout<<\"\\n Value of d_4 = \";

       return 0;

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