C++ Programming Tutorial



 # include <iostream.h>
 # include    <conio.h>

 void bubble_sort(int [],const int);

 int main( )
    clrscr( );

    const int array_size=10;

    int array[array_size]={0};

    cout<<\"\\n ******************************************************************************\"<<endl;
    cout<<\" ********************************  Bubble Sort  *******************************\"<<endl;
    cout<<\" ******************************************************************************\"<<endl;

    cout<<\"\\n * Array size = 10\"<<endl;
    cout<<\" * Data Type = int\"<<endl;

    cout<<\" ******************************************************************************\";
    cout<<\" ******************************************************************************\";

    cout<<\" Enter the array : \"<<endl<<endl;

    for(int count_1=0;count_1<array_size;count_1++)
       cout<<\"\\t Element[\"<<count_1<<\"] = \";


    cout<<\" Sorted Array : \";

    for(int count_2=0;count_2<array_size;count_2++)
       cout<<\"Element[\"<<count_2<<\"] = \"<<array[count_2]<<endl;

    getch( );
    return 0;

 //---------------------------  bubble_sort( )  --------------------------//

 void bubble_sort(int array[],const int size)
    for(int i=0;i<(size-1);i++)
       for(int j=(size-1);j>=(i+1);j--)
         int temp=array[(j-1)];


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