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Basic Programming

Divides one or more operands by another IF-ELSE Clause Group wise stock summary Attendence Report of Employees SORTING Operation Add 2 or more operands and stores result Relative file - insertion,deletion,updation, print Describe Functionality of table by using File Fahrenheit into temperature - C = (5/9) * (f - 32) Use of Control Break clause Print employee detail Draws an ellipse or a circle Binary search using files Generating date and time Generate arithmetic operation - evaluate clause

General Programs

Evaluate gender from user and print Display input number is prime or not Display on printer message entered by user Displays message entered by user on printer Merging two files in a single file Read data from input file and move to output file Print account report Use of Sign clause Create attendence sheet Displays on printer - divide operation quotient Binary search on student name, print roll number job appl checking candidate is eligible or not Display the pattern of square School management system

Mathematical Program

Print bill report Purchase and rebate amount payslip Example of string and unstring Describe Functionality of two dimension table Insert, delete, update, view in index file Student details using relative file Converting integer to its number of words Use of move clause for numeric values Use multiple array Inventory transactions Sort records of file Displays alphanumeric char on screen graphic mode Generate sales register

Sorting Programs

Store content in file,record of field - other file Calculate Total percentage Classfor each student Edit character Display pattern of numbers in reverse pattern User input data and stores it in to the file Multiplication table Draw a line Use of Tables with INPUT clause Check student is pass or fail i/p result from user Calculate monthly sales amount -sequential access Sescribes how to use Sort technique Declares data to the compiler Input record into file using extend mode


Describe Functionality of Relative File Print addition of two nos and sum is third or not Use of perform verbs Bank Report depending upon user choice Create result statement for given semester Search name from file display roll no of student Generating julian date Evaluates arithmetic expression - stores result Use of evaluate clause Describe use of IF CONDITION and PRINT Calculate Total percentage Class for each student Displays alphanumeric character in graphics mode Reads in states until end of data Read student details from file - read operation Merge 2 files with students records Print presence report based on provided data Use of Inspect clause Check entered date is valid birth date or not Draws rectangle filled with one color Search perticular record Find age from accepted date from user Check if a number is a fibonacci or not

File Programs

Check two same condition name is allow or not Arithmetic operations add,sub,div and mul Display on Console a message entered by user Display message entered by user on console Generate student mark sheet using file r/w op Student detail management using indexed file Print mark sheet of a student with grades Use of Redefine clause Create marksheet of student Use of leading and trailing Sequential search Class condition Sum of series 1 + 1/4 + 1/9 Using sign test for numeric value

Search Programs

Enter value is alphabetic,numeric,alphanumeric Find yearly depreciation Unstring word Find smallest quotation for given item Write records reside in i/p file- show on screen Create the index file Draw polygon Use of EVALUATE clause Count number of char Date manipulation Bubble sort DOS standard o/p device

String Programs

Includes external source file in current file Gross salary, deduction, net salary of employee Count character for no of times in input string Display triangle of numbers FILE Read Operation Add two numbers Generate sales report item wise
       Identification Division.
       Program-Id. Check-Fibonacci.

       Environment Division.

       Data Division.

       Working-Storage Section.
       77 N      Pic 9999.
       77 Prev   Pic 9999  Value 0.
       77 Curr   Pic 9999  Value 1.
       77 Nextn  Pic 99999 Value 0.
       77 Switch Pic 9     Value 0.

       Screen Section.
       01 Main-Screen.
           02 Line 4 Column 10 \" The Program to Check if a Number is a Fi 
      -    \"bonacci \" Reverse-Video Blink.
           02 Line 6 Column 10 \"The Fibonacci Series is 0 , 1 , 1 , 2 ,
      -    \" 3 , 5 , 8.....\" Highlight.
           02 Line 8.
              02 Column 10 \"Enter a Number : \" Highlight.
              02 Column 30 Pic 9999 To N.
       01 Fibo-Scr.
           02 Line 10 Column 10 \"It is a Fibonacci Number\" Highlight.
       01 Not-Fibo-Scr.
           02 Line 10 Column 10 \"It is Not a Fibonacci Number\" 

       Procedure Division.

           Display Main-Screen.
           Accept Main-Screen.
           Perform Fibonacci-Para Until (Prev > N ).
           If (Switch = 1)
              Display Fibo-Scr
              Display Not-Fibo-Scr.
           Stop Run.

           If (Prev = N ) 
              Move 1 to Switch.
           Compute Nextn = Prev + Curr.
           Move Curr To Prev.
           Move Nextn To Curr.

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